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WIRELESS   GAMEPAD   PC   &   PS Natec   Genesis   PV59   is a wireless   gamepad   compatible   with   PS3 and   PC   –   thanks to him   virtual   entertainment   in your performance   will become   incomparably   more enjoyable   than   ever before.   Gaming   design   and specially   designed   symbols   make PV59   is characterized by   unprecedented   originality. RUBBER SURFACE Entirely   coated   rubber   surface   can not   slip out   of   the hand , even  during   a very   dynamic   and heavy   picks ! MODES   D – INPUT  X- INPUT Features   X -Input  and D -input  allow you to   enjoy the game   on   the PC   without any   additional configuration !  Simply connect the gamepad   to your computer   and voila   –   you’re done! ANALOG   BARS   AND   RELEASES PV59   was equipped with   12 buttons   and   2   analag   bars   –   thanks to them   you get   full control of   the game!    VIBRATIONS Vibration   generated by the device   make   on your own skin   will feel   the thrill of   walking   hand in hand with   genuine   joy   of making it possible   to play   your favorite   titles.  

  Product specification Platform PC, PS3 Number of keys 12 Communication Wireless   Продукт известен още и като Genesis PV 59 NJG 0693, GenesisPV59NJG0693, Genesis PV59 NJG 0693, GenesisPV59NJG-0693
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