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MSI force gc30 (gc30)

68,00 лв
+ 5,00 лв за доставка
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MSI (FORCE GC30) Геймпад MSI Force GC30, безжичен, съвместим с PC/Android 4.1, черен

68,98 лв
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MSI Джойстик msi game controller force gc30 (msi game controller force gc30)

69,00 лв
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MSI Геймпад MSI Force GC30, безжичен, съвместим с PC/Android 4.1, черен

69,28 лв
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MSI Геймпад msi force gc30, безжичен, съвместим с pc/android 4.1, черен, msi game controller force gc30

76,20 лв
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Movement with High Accuracy

With advanced analog sticks, the Force GC series controllers provide flawless smooth movement. This comes in handy for continuous maneuvers in vehicles or tracking the enemy with your sights.

Control is the name of the game

Gamers can truly enjoy their racing games with the triggers in the Force GC series. Precision with up to 256-level accelerator simulation.

Replaceable D-pad Cover

Included with the Force GC30/GC20 controllers are two D-pad covers with magnetic design, allowing you to switch for your preferred game type.


Equipped with dual vibration motors, the GC30/GC20 controllers are able to use haptic feedback to enhance the gaming experience and provide an additional dime- nsion of sensory input.

Dual modes to connect your gaming world

The Force GC30 provides both wireless and wired functionality to connect with your devices.

You can switch seamlessly between wired and wireless usage so you can keep on gaming uninterrupted.

Fully geared up

In the retail box you can find all the accessories gamers need to fully customize their Force GC30.

It also includes a USB dongle, a 2m USB cable and a 30 cm OTG cable for android.

Compatible OS- Windows 10/8.1/7, Android 4.1 above

Interface- USB 2.0

Dimensions (mm)- 156 x 105 x 62.5

Battery- 600 mAh lithium battery, lasting 8 hours usage

Accessories- Additional D-PAD Cover
Wireless dongle

Cables- 2M Cable & 30CM otg Cable for android

Weight(g)- 280g/ 383g (with package) Продукт известен още и като Force GC 30, ForceGC30
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